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One Time Treatment

This can include anything from bedbugs to beetles. Noticing ants on your counter? Call and we will be out. We will service your home for ants and you will receive a 30-day warranty on the work. If ants return anytime within that 30 days please call and we will return at no cost. Notice a bald-faced hornets’ nest outside! Call us. Yellow Jackets bothering you? Call us. Crickets invading your basement? Call us. Bedbugs in your bed? Call us. All services are provided with a customer is always right attitude and a 30-day guarantee.

Bedbug Treatment

For a good overview of our bedbugs services, please click here: Bedbug Services

Mosquito Fogging Exterior

Claim your outdoor space back from those pesky mosquitoes with our seasonal Mosquito Treatments. This can be paid monthly or seasonally. This is a 25-day rotation where we come out and fog the areas that mosquitoes tend to rest, providing relief to the homeowner wanting to enjoy the summer nights. During our service, we also point out areas that mosquitoes may be breeding. We can provide an extra larvacide service as well to help in the elimination of breeding sites.

We also provide the same fogging services to provide a reduction in gnats, mosquitoes and other small flies for outdoor parties and weddings. We usually come out a day or two before your party and fog the property for a one time fee.

Exterior Tick Service

This service is provided monthly treating areas that ticks tend to hide and breed. We utilize a variety of methods including sprays, tick tubes, and manual alterations to provide the customer with a reduction in their tick pressures outside. A unique plan will be developed for you once our technician visits to do an inspection.