Grove Pest Control’s mouse control program consists of a thorough check of areas that mice like to frequent as they scurry about your home. In the kitchen, under the stove, under cabinets, behind fridges. We check the basement. We check closets, under radiators, garages, dark places mice like to hide. What are we looking for? Droppings and damage. Mice will leave droppings in areas they spend time at. These are areas we will pay particular attention to.

Our method is that od using baits in tamper-proof bait stations and your traditional traps like snaps and glue. What set Grove Pest Control apart from all the rest is the time spent at your home investigating and then taking advantage of what we find to work against the mice. If we need to unscrew the bottom of dishwashers and place traps we do, if we need to bring in a ladder to get traps on the top ledges of basements, we do. We go the extra mile so that you don’t have to.

After the initial mouse service, we automatically have a follow-up visit baked into the initial price. We want to see what’s working and what is not. We want to see what we caught and we want to see if they are nibbling at the bait. This follow up is usually 7-10 days out from the initial treatment. After that, we put you on a regular service plan for a fee where we visit monthly to continue to check the bait stations and to evaluate the mouse control program. Once the activity has stopped and we are both satisfied the mice are gone, then the monthly service can be canceled. If mice come back at another time after that, we simply pick up where we have left off, there is no need at that point for another initial service fee, we just pick up with the monthly visits. We try to limit the risk of the mice returning by checking for areas of entry around your home that mice may be taking advantage of to get in. Holes, misaligned doors, openings under entryways, etc. If what we find is easy enough to seal, then we will do that at no extra cost. If it is a more involved fix, then we will give you a price for the repair and you can either have us do it, or you can bring in someone else to do the repair.

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