Office Buildings and Retail:

Office settings and retail settings, whether they be in a highrise building, and office complex or a strip mall, require special attention to the people who work there every day and to its visitors. Pests like Boxelder Bugs, Ants, Rodents, Stink Bugs and Flies are not as uncommon as you might think. A thoughtful approach to resolving these issues that take the safety of the people working in the building in mind,  as well as the expectation to control the issue quickly and effectively are important. Having a good working relationship with on-site management is key. Relationship building is just as important as killing bugs in commercial situations, and Grove Pest Control is effective at both.


Food handling establishments are busy places, especially in the back-end or kitchen. Deliveries, staff coming and going, and lots of orders being sent back make for a hectic workspace. Setting up an area like this for pest control takes some planning. Introducing proactive measure like Flying Insect Light Traps and various monitors is an important step in developing a comprehensive pest control program. Using mechanical traps that will hold up to the activity in a commercial kitchen is equally as important, and when a problem does arise, fast and effective is the name of the game. Using targeted baits to eliminate the target pest along with crack and crevice spray treatments when necessary are important methods of attack. A combination of pest control products and sanitation are the best defense against drain flies, roaches, rodents, and flies. Creating a drain cleaning program may also be necessary for a commercial kitchen environment, and we can help you there too. Let us team up with you so we can worry about the pests and you can worry about the cuisine!

Human Service Agencies:

Human Service Agencies often times have a complex network of organizations within itself that may offer help for D&A Outpatient and Methadone Clinics, Autism Services, IDD Services, Residential Services, Mental Health Outpatient Clinics and Administrative Services. Hiring a company that is sensitive to your needs and the needs of the clients and individuals served can be an asset. Bill McCaffrey, the owner-operator of Grove Pest Control worked for and later managed the in-house pest control program for one of the largest Human Services Agencies in the country. Understanding the need for a pest free environment for the purposes of licensing and stakeholder requirements is nothing new to him and handling pests such as Bedbugs, Rodents, and everything in between is what he does. Call to have a conversation about how we can help you.

Multi-Family Dwelling/Apartment Buildings:

Apartment settings are handled very much like a residential service in that we are dealing with a person’s home as well as a shell or building that often times might house other features like laundry rooms, gyms, conference or meeting rooms, common space. Paying close attention to each location in the building will help to maintain a pest free environment in the resident’s home or apartment. Taking an integrated pest management approach and proving a thorough inspection is key in maintaining a pest free living space. Understanding that each unit is connected by common plumbing and electrical systems is important and having a good working relationship with both the building manager and the maintenance manager is imperative.

Medical Buildings/Hospitals:

Sensitive and complex is what comes to mind when thinking about these kinds of accounts. It’s a city within itself with shipping and receiving, commercial kitchens, storage, rooms that house patients for multiple days, emergency room bays, offices, and boiler rooms! Wow! Understanding the sensitive nature of a hospital environment and maintaining a strong relationship with the environmental services team is so important. Being able to handle bed bug issues quickly and with effectiveness as well as any number of other pest problems that will arise is so important. Developing a strong integrated pest management program with lots of proactive measures in place to handle the turnaround of product and people is imperative, and then being able to respond to calls in between is also just as important, while all the time keeping safety in mind.