Problems With Mice?

If you have a mouse problem, you’ll typically find chewed up food, mouse droppings, or even see live mice around the home.

Mice can take a few follow-up visits and typically include sealing up holes, utilizing many traps, both snap and glue, and using poisons. Because it’s tricky to know how many mice are located in a structure at the onset, follow up visits are billed in.

Problems With Rats?

Rat issues are usually diagnosed through gnawing marks on furniture, droppings, or eaten food.

Rats are neophobic, and they are suspicious of new things. So rat work can take some time, and patience is needed. Utilizing snap traps and bait is the best approach. Sometimes snap traps need to be pre-baited first to get the rat to trust the trap as a safe food source. After the food has been taken, then the traps are set with fresh bait to get a good catch. 

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