When people discover bedbugs it throws their world into a frenzy. It becomes an anxiety raising ordeal and people just want them gone and they don’t always think things through when hiring a bedbug control company.

Step 1: Inspection. Even if you know for sure you have bedbugs, the company you call will want to come out to do an inspection so they can see what the best course of action is for you to get the best control of the bedbugs situation. During this inspection, we will see how many bedrooms and beds are involved. The style of bed is important. If you have a captains bed with drawers and a wooden frame then that will be handled differently from a standard metal frame. Things like clutter and amounts of clothing in closets will be factored in. Is the home paneled or drywall? Why does this matter? Panneling can come away from the wall and provide extra protection and nesting sites for bedbugs, making the treatment approach more difficult. A lot goes into a treatment plan and the inspection is the way to develop this plan for you.

Step 2: Treatment Plan. Grove Pest Control has been leaning towards 2 options recently. They are the most effective way to deal with a bedbug situation and it benefits you the customer as well as us to get rid of the bedbugs swiftly and efficiently.

  1. Heat Treatments: Where large industrial sized heaters are brought into the home along with industrial type fans and basically turn the home into an oven to cook the bedbugs and all their life cycles. It is a labor intensive job usually lasting all day where the technicians enter the home several times during the heating process to turn sofas and chairs over and lift the bed mattresses and box springs to get the heat where it has to go. Sometimes they will pull clothing out of drawers and closets, again allow for the heat to flow where it has to.
  2. Aprehend Spray Treatment: This recently developed bio-pesticide has come to us from the laboratories of Penn State University and has been showing incredible success in the treatment of bedbugs. The way the bedbug is killed is through the use of a fungus that infects the bedbugs, like flu, and allows for the bedbugs to pass that fungus onto other bedbugs, basically killing off the colony of bedbugs by way of a bio-attack. This is also a labor intensive job, often times requiring vacuuming live bugs and requiring the covering of the mattress with a bedbug proof encasement then, spraying the home in selected areas with the Aprehend. Outlet and switch plate covers are removed and a dust product it dusted into these voids. Sometimes a residual chemical product is placed along the perimeter of rooms depending on the situation. All these options would be determined during the initial inspection. Aprehend has a residual of 3 months which is nice because of there are any possibilities of a bedbug being reintroduced into your home, like if you work in an environment where bedbugs are present, then you have the residual product there to get that bedbug.

Along with inspection and treatments, Grove Pest Control also partners with our customers and provides consulting on preventing future infestations. We may require you to perform some preparation on the home before we come in to do either of the treatments, this is important. If help is needed in this area we can offer some help.

Bedbugs don’t have to be a difficult bug to get rid of with the proper counseling and partnering with the proper pest control company who will handle your situation uniquely, and with kindness and empathy. We understand that you are upset and we will do everything in our power to remediate the situation and put you back on a path of a bug-free life. Feel free to call us at 215-237-6831.


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