Pest Control is a pretty general term. If you have roaches in an apartment building, a restaurant, or a single family home, it’s usually the same treatment across the board.

Multi-family housing like apartment buildings, condo associations, and dorm rooms are a little different in that while each family lives in their own independent home, each family all live in the same “envelope”.

Often times there are commonalities like wiring, pipes, and laundry rooms. There are also common areas like lobbies and gyms, meeting rooms, etc. All these areas have the potential for either acting as a harborage area for bugs or act as a common highway for bugs to travel.

Think about it, if there is a bad infestation or roaches or bedbug in an apartment, the chances of the adjacent neighbors also getting an infestation is pretty high. Now think of it as a domino effect. Once the neighbor gets bedbugs or roaches, now their neighbors get them. This is why it is so important to have a professional pest control company servicing these buildings. It is important for this pest control company to take each situation seriously and treat the people and the situation with the proper respect.

It is critical that the pest control company gets the cooperation of the residents as well as the building management to get a handle on an infestation. It is through respect that this is accomplished. There are things like preparations that need to be followed as well as something as simple as gaining access into a unit that is important.

Grove pest control prides itself on treating customers with respect and providing a quality service with the end goal of gaining control of infestations. If we can help you in your apartment, dorm or condo, please don’t hesitate to call to come up with a targeted plan and a comprehensive maintenance service to provide your residents with the service they deserve.

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