Whether you live in Willow Grove or Timbuktu, the chances of you being bothered by the Pennsylvania carpenter bee is pretty high. They might be drilling into your fence, they might be drilling into your siding, or they might just be dive bombing you as you walk up a pathway throwing you into a panic!

Carpenter bees overwinter in the galleries they drill out in the warmer months. Once springtime has sprung they begin to emerge, they mate and do it all again. These bees start to enlarge the cavity they emerged from and pack these galleries with nutrition or “bee bread” to feed the larvae.

A fun fact. As I mentioned. you may have experienced the aggressive dive bombing of carpenter bees when you enter their space. These are often times male bees and the males don’t have stingers. Now the female, who usually is busy setting up house in the perfectly drilled out round hole gallery, can sting! Her sting is very painful.

The damage that carpenter bees do on a structure can be significant if left untreated. As I mentioned they often times just build onto their original home or gallery, extending it. So over time, this can be destructive to the wood member they are in.

If carpenter bees are bothering you remember your friendly neighborhood pest control company, Grove Pest Control, is ready to help!

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