When people think of bedbugs they think of elimination. They don’t even want to think about the fact that these bugs are cryptic and hide in the most intimate areas of their home, waiting for you to fall asleep so they can start to feast. It’s because of this fact that bedbugs are so unpopular in today’s society. They are creepy.

Bedbugs can be picked up almost anywhere. Movie theaters, cruise ships, hospital rooms, waiting rooms, public transportation, anywhere people gather. So what can you do? Being a detective is key. If you take the train everyday or work in a hospital or go to the movies a lot then you want to be aware of the fact that you may pick up a bedbug. So check. Before you sit in your seat, do a quick check. Do you see bugs? Another thing you can do is throw your clothes in a hot dryer for 25 minutes of high heat which will kill all stages of the bedbug.

In your bedroom, you can use light colored sheets so that you can see evidence of the presence of bedbugs. Things like blood stains, droppings, or live bugs are much easier to see if you have light colored sheets as opposed to darker colored sheets. Change or launder your bedding weekly. This will allow you to check your bed for signs of bedbugs. The point here is to find the problem before it becomes an infestation. It is easier to control or eliminate a bedbug problem when you only have a few bugs as opposed to trying to do this for hundreds or thousands of bedbugs and make no mistake about it, they can get to those levels relatively quickly.

Home remedies are not recommended as the protocols for treating these bedbugs is involved. You can’t just spray and hope the bugs die. First of all, they already have a high level of resistance to chemicals, so you need to use many methods to gain control. Some people buy foggers and thing that the fine mist will get to where the bedbugs are. Not so. Don’t do it. It will make the problem worse.

The best thing to do is try your best to keep the bedbugs out of your home. Making yourself aware of the signs of bedbugs and realizing that you can get them anywhere is the best way to keep the bedbugs from bugging you. Come up with some protocols and follow them, whether it be putting your clothes in the dryer when you come home, or limiting what you bring into an environment that may contain bedbugs like a waiting room, will help. Think about it, if you are going to the doctors, leave your coat in the car if you can instead of hanging it in the waiting room or hanging it on the back of a chair, that is how bedbugs hitchhike. Do your best to keep them out and you will win.

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