Grove Pest Control’s commercial pest control services are carefully thought out and tailor fit for your business. Why? Because every business is not the same. The service we provide to our restaurant partners will be much different from the service we provide to our multi-family housing or apartment building partners. They have to be.

The one thing that will remain consistent is our dedication to our customers. We believe with all our heart that our customers are our partners. They are not just an account number who get visited once a week or once a month or quarterly. Grove Pest Control also believes in treating YOUR customers or employees with the utmost respect. We feel like we represent the business who hires us, and if I am servicing an apartment building, then each one of those residents deserves quality service and they deserve to be treated kindly and respectfully.

So how did we become experts in commercial pest control in Montgomery, Bucks and Philadelphia Pennsylvania? Simply by solving problems on a consistent basis. The owner, Bill McCaffrey, has close to 25 years of experience and that is a lot of years of solving problems like drain flies, bed bugs, roaches, mice, rats, bees, and everything in between.

Being an expert means being passionate. I can say without a doubt that we have a passion for pest control, for the people that we serve, and for the communities we work in.  You have to love people in order to work day in and day out in a field for so many years, and we enjoy every minute of it.

So if you are looking for a commercial pest control provider to service your building, condo association, college campus, office building, apartment complex or food handling establishment in the Willow Grove, Hatboro,  Jenkintown, Abington, Warrington, Warminster, Philadelphia, or anywhere within Bucks and Montgomery Counties, give us a call. 215-237-6831

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