Grove Pest Control specializes in proving pest control services to nonprofit human services providers in the Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, Deleware, and Chester County areas.

Bill McCaffrey, the owner of Grove Pest Control, worked for many years for one of the areas largest human services providers, where he started and developed a robust in-house pest control program that serviced the company’s 400 locations. Along with that, he created a comprehensive bed bug control program developing protocols, contributed to developing a corporate bed bug policy, and leading a corporate bed bug committee which addressed many of the challenges that surround providing bed bug control in a group home or outpatient setting.

Today, having started Grove Pest Control, Bill offers consulting services along with pest and bed bug control services to the nonprofit provider community. His heart and soul is with the individuals these agencies serve and help every day. He understands that many of these individuals already are struggling with their own challenges and the anxiety that a roach, mouse or bed bug infestation can bring is one less thing they need to deal with. Along with that,  the staff who work hard day in and day out with these individuals deserve a pest-free environment, and that is just what we provide.

Grove Pest Control understands the human services provider’s world. The fiscal limitations, licensing issues, staff concerns and dealing with unions and OSHA are all things that Bill has handled in the past, which makes Grove Pest Control unique as a vendor providing pest control services to your agency.

We will treat your organization like a partner, not just an account number. We will be respectful and caring when working in your homes, outpatient clinics and buildings. We already support and care for your mission and it’s because of your mission that we want to be your vendor of choice.

We also are licensed in category 23 which is a specific category on our pest control license that allows us to service schools in the state. So we offer an integrated pest control program for autism schools or other school type settings.

Services Offered

All services are a la carte OR can be offered as one packaged.

Bedbug Control

We offer heat treatments, aprehend bedbug spray, conventional chemical treatments, K9 bedbug-sniffing dog services, active guard mattress covers, mattress and box spring encasements, volcano bed bug monitors, climb up monitor installs, and car/van fumigation referrals.  We also consult on developing your own bed bug policy and help with addressing OSHA complaints if needed.

Residential and Building Services

General pest control provided monthly or quarterly to homes, clinics, or administrative buildings to cover your general pests such as roaches, mice, crickets, millipedes, centipedes, water bugs, ants, to name a few.

Wood Destroying Insect Services

Covers termite, wood destroying beetles, carpenter ants.

Mosquito Fogging

Exterior fogging for mosquitoes provided on a one-time basis to help provide relief for an outside function or an ongoing service every 3 weeks.

Exterior Tick Sprays

Evaluation of area of a yard or lawn and developing a tick control strategy utilizing sprays, tick tubes, and granules.

I hope you will consider Grove Pest Control for your next RFP or simply give us a call today to start the conversation, 215-237-6831.

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