Looking to control bed bugs but have had no luck? Aprehend® Bed Bug spray is the newest and latest technology when it comes to the battle of bedbug control. Developed in the laboratories of Penn State in Pennsylvania, it’s a bio-pesticide that attacks the bedbug as a natural fungal disease called Beauveria Bassiana.

So how quickly will Aprehend take to work and spread to the other bedbugs in my home or apartment before I start to see results? It can take up to a few weeks, which is why other methods are implemented by the technicians of Grove Pest Control like vacuuming live bugs or dusting selected areas. We ask for the cooperation of the customer to reduce clutter when necessary. The beautiful thing is Aprehend Bed Bug Spray last up to 3 months and the company who developed Aprehend is confident it works.

The results in the field have been promising and the feedback from the pest control community has been positive, so we at Grove Pest Control are happy to offer this treatment in our arsenal of bedbug services.

Bedbugs have been a pest running rampant in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties of Bucks and Montgomery Counties and their control have been difficult. Many customers call us after trying to solve their bedbug problem on their own and we are happy to partner with our customers and put their mind at ease to begin the process of control or elimination.

Grove Pest Control prides itself on treating our customers with respect and we feel our customers are not just account numbers, but people who just want to be treated fairly and given a solid service and a fair price.

It’s because of this that we have researched and were happy to find Aprehend to add to our toolbox and if you are looking for a good bedbug control company then please give us a call today at 215-237-6831.

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