Think about your average day, especially in today’s environment. You start your day filling up the car with gas, then you get back in your car and use some hand sanitizer. Perhaps when you woke up you applied some aftershave lotion or perfume. Maybe you had a smoke before you got into your car. There are so many odors that could be on your hands. Just from the outline above, there could be nicotine, sulfur, gasoline, and perfumes.

Now if you are a homeowner who gets home from work with the intention of getting that mouse you saw this morning, you have to consider you have a full day worth of scents that are festering on your hands. What would you do if you had a filet mignon that tasted like aftershave? Probably not eat it.

Mice have incredible olfactory sensors or really good noses. They also don’t like certain tastes. This is why it is important to wear gloves when handling snap traps, glue traps, and poison baits. You want whatever it is you are using to lure the mouse to your traps to be as pure as possible. You want whatever good food the poison baits are formulated with to taste as good as possible.

The first thing Grove Pest Control does before they touch anything related to rodent control is put on a pair of gloves. It’s like breathing, it’s just that natural. It is a rule of thumb that professionals and amateurs alike should follow all the time. Keep it pure.

Remember that if you are looking for mouse control in the Willow Grove, Pennsylvania area in Bucks or Montgomery Counties, Grove Pest Control is ready to help with the best glove-wearing technician this side of the Rio Grand.

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