When dealing with ants it is important to try to identify the type of ant you are dealing with. Why? Because some ants can become worse if you spray with a standard over the counter type spray. Pharaoh ants come to mind. These are ants that will “bud” and develop sub-colonies in other parts of the house, making them very difficult to control.

Most of the ants we deal with here in our local area are either pavement ants or odorous house ants.

The pavement ants and odorous house ants can both be controlled with a variety of baits and a special kind of spray called non-repellant. What does non-repellant mean? Basically it is a slower acting spray. This spray allows ants to walk through it, unknowingly, and by not killing them instantly, they bring it into the colony spreading it as they groom and feed each other.

Baits also work in the same manner. Most are not fast acting, and when the ants return to the nest they spread it by a process called trophallaxis. What is trophallaxis? Adult ants can digest the food that they gather and bring back to the nest, so they feed it to the larvae, who digest and regurgitate the digested food which the adult ants eat. Gross!

Pest control companies get a large number of ant calls from customers who have tried and tried to rid their home of ants. Homeowners tend to just spray the ants with over the counter products that kill the ants too quickly, or they place out a bait station or two when more are needed. Ant control can be tricky, but a professional can help.

Grove Pest Control uses a combination or gel baits, granular baits outside, and an exterior and interior spray with targeted non-repellant sprays to get ants under control quickly and efficiently.

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