Springtime is just around the corner here in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania and we are gearing up for all the pests that will be popping and making your life miserable. With all the snow and wet weather Montgomery county experienced it will be interesting to see how active a spring we will have. Almost definitely we will see our fair shar of ant activity. Even at my own home we find trails outside pop up like clockwork once the warm weather starts, they just don’t know whose house they picked to trail at!

Insects that keep us busy this time of year will be, as mentioned above, ants, and then of course the stinging insects will begin to fly around looking to build their nests. Carpenter bees are always an early spring pest that get’s the phone ringing. Then we start to field calls for cicada killers. and my suspicion is that it will be a very active cicada killer season because this year, 2021, brood X is emerging, so in other words the cicadas are coming, and in bulk!

Now the kinds of ants that will bother people in this area will be carpenter ants, the big black ants that tend to attack wet or damaged wood in the home, and also live in the trees outside, and odorous house ants and pavement ants tend to be regulars in the home as well.

As spring turns into summer we will be battling the stinging insects. Bald faced hornet nests who build their nests in trees and bushes that look like a football or basketball, sometimes also building their nests right on you house! Others include yellow jackets, wasps, and carpenter bees. I always say to be extra careful as the summer grows and check your lawn before mowing it. Do you notice an in and out pattern in the lawn that could be yellow jackets? If you do you should call a professional, you don’t want to be mowing over a yellow jackets nest and being caught in a cloud of these angry stinging insects.

Just remember as the season begins, if there is anything grove Pest Control can help with, we are ready and will be there for you.

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