Mice can enter through a hole about the size of a pencil! Now think about every spot around the exterior foundation of your house that fits that description. Now, look up, because yes, mice can climb up wires and pipes and scale a wall if they wanted to. The other thing they do well is getting under siding, and why is this such a problem? Well, when you look around the outside of your home you will notice where many of the cables, wires, and pipes enter. It’s usually through the siding and into the home. The contractors seal the exterior of that job, where the visible part of the siding is, but they don’t always do such a great job on the actual wall that is covered by the siding, because they know it is going to be covered by the siding. Of course, not every contractor is like that, but they are not thinking that bugs and mice might get in so I better really seal around these pipes and wires. They want to get the job done correctly and move on to the next.

The other areas that are common for mice to enter are holes in the foundation. If you have stone foundations and the mortar is starting to fail, or there are holes of any kind, mice can take advantage and find their way in.

If you have just a quarter-inch gap under your door, mice can get in. Garage doors are also notorious for letting mice in. Go into your garage and shut the light off during the day and look to see if you can see any daylight coming in from under the door or the sides. If you can, then mice can get in.

If you are dealing with a mouse problem and looking for help, please keep Grove Pest Control in mind and call, text or email. 215-237-6831/ grovepestcontrol@gmail.com

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