You’re outside mowing your lawn, minding your own business, when you look up and see a large paper basketball looking hornets nest! When did that get there?

Bald faced hornets work over the spring and summer building their nest and it usually goes unnoticed because they building their nests high enough in a tree to be avoided by humans. Then there are others that build their nests in a bush near your door or low in a tree, and it is these nests that need to be dealt with because hornets can be extremely aggressive and protective of their home.

Some folks are adventurous and decide they are going to spray it down themselves. If you decide to do this be sure you are prepared. Wear long sleeves and pants, have an escape plan, be sure to position yourself between your home door and the nest, so you can run to the home if needed.

What not to do is spray it down with a hose or power washer. This will be dangerous to you and your neighbors. Also don’t think you are going to swing a golf club or bat at it and knock it down. They are plastered to branches or the side of your home or where ever it is located, plus they will attack you relentlessly.

The best thing to do with bald faced hornets or any kind of stinging insects like yellow jackets or other wasps, is to call a professional to come in and treat the nest safely and properly. Once a nest is dead the hornets will not come back or re-infest it next year, it is just dead and vacant. Because of this you can leave the nest and the weather will eventually destroy it over time, or you can have the pest control professional knock it down. Sometimes this costs extra, but if you really want it gone, it can be cut out.

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