What’s living under all that overgrowth outside your home growing up your walls and siding? Crickets and spiders are and they are starting to think about where they are going to be migrating to once the weather starts to turn cold.

September and October are the months when our phones start to ring off the hook to come out and treat for camel crickets or cave crickets or just plain crickets, and spiders. Cutting back bushes and other overgrowth off the perimeter walls of your home will help a lot.

Let’s talk about camel crickets for a minute. These guys come in a variety of names, spider crickets, cave crickets, camel crickets, to name a few, and they can become quite a nuisance in the home when there are great numbers of them. They resemble spiders, but are not, they are in fact crickets, with one distinguishing factor removed. They do not chirp. So if you hear chirping and are seeing the camel crickets, then you have two problems. These crickets are mostly prevalent on this side of the country, and Willow Grove is not immune to the invasion.

So how do we get rid of camel crickets and spiders from our homes? You keep them out in the first place. Sealing up holes around pipes and wires, cracks in the foundation and keep weather stripping well maintained on your doors will help. Next would be treatment by a pest control company. A thorough treatment on the exterior of the home around the perimeter and under overhangs and around doors and windows using a good pesticide and baits will go a long way. If they have already found their way inside then a thorough treatment inside the home using a combination of sprays, baits, and glue monitor traps will quickly get things under control for the homeowner.

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