There are so many species of roaches that bother people across this great land of ours, but none so bothersome and despised as the German Roach or as they are better known in the scientific community, Blattella germanica.

It doesn’t matter if you are in the humidity of Florida or right here in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania where we are located, the German roach has roots. They may go by different names like the food roach or dirt roaches, mostly due to the fact that they thrive in dirty conditions and in kitchens, but don’t be fooled, they can rear their ugly heads anywhere in a home or business.

Recently a new system to deliver a bait dust has been introduced called the Precision Delivery System. It allows the pest control professional to get product in areas that may otherwise be difficult to get to with other methods of treatment. Other methods or roach control would include a wide variety of gel baits, roach bait stations, insect growth regulators that will render the roach sterile and unable to reproduce, glue traps, vacuums, and a wide variety of effective sprays.

The old days of hosing down the kitchen is far behind us. Targeting the insect specifically is the best approach by implementing a variety of methods to get the situation under control as quickly as possible is the best approach, after all, these roaches reproduce rapidly with one egg capsule holding up to 48 baby roaches. You can see why a fast integrated approach is needed.

Whether you are in a home setting or a commercial kitchen or restaurant and you are faced with a roach problem, I think the best thing to do is call in a professional pest control company to deal with the situation. Be sure they are going to implement some of the methods mentioned above and make sure they are incorporating follow up treatments as it will be a battle that will take a few visits at the very least.

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