It’s winter break and college kids are getting ready to pack up and come home to mom and dad’s house with bags, tons of laundry and luggage. All this stuff has the potential to carry unwanted house guests. Bedbugs!

There always seems to be an uptick in bedbug calls after the holidays from frantic parents who are fearful that bedbugs have infiltrated their home and the first question I ask is, “dis you have anyone visit over the holiday season?” Sure enough they say that their college kids came home for the winter break.

So what can be done to evict bedbugs from your home? Well assuming that the bugs came from the dorm you are going to want to alert your child to alert whoever they have to to have their dorm room inspected. Because you don’t want to spend all this money to take care of your issue at home and then have junior bring them right back home during spring break.

There is a product we recommend for these circumstances when the potential to bring the bedbugs back into a home is high. A treatment with Aprehend, a new fungus based product that targets bedbugs, is very effective in bedbug elimination and the best part is that it leaves a residual behind that is active for up to 3 months. So in the event your child comes home with a hitchhiking bedbug, the chance that an infestation will take hold is very low, because the aprehend spray has already been applied.

For information on Aprehend or any other method of bedbug control please reach out to us here at Grove Pest Control. We’d be happy to help.

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