When I was a young man I used to change my own oil. I didn’t mind getting under the car and draining the old oil and changing the filter. Today though, there is no way. I take my car into the shop and 30 dollars later I drive out with a proper oil service. There was nothing special about the products the technician used, no secret filters, so special oil. Everything they used I could have bought at the local car parts store, it just boiled down to my ambition to do the work.

The scenario above is not much different from mouse control in your home. You see a mouse, you want to get rid of the mice, but how do you proceed? You can buy traps online, there are any number of poison baits at your local hardware store, and glue traps you can get at your supermarket. There are do it your self types who will accept the challenge and go to work.

Other folks will simply pick up the phone and call in a pest control professional to deal with it. The last part of that sentence is important. People who hire exterminators don’t want to deal with the mouse problem themselves, they want to pay someone else to deal with it. That’s where companies like mine come into play. Aside from attention to detail and more experience, there is no difference really in the products we will be using to control the mice.

Sure, pest control professionals may have access to a wider variety of baits, maybe some fancier traps, but the method is the same. One thing that the pest control professional should bring to the table, as I mentioned above, is attention to detail. He or she should take the time to inspect areas mice may frequent, check closets, bath traps, under and behind stove, basements, attics, exteriors. A good part of the initial service should be filled up with inspection. The next part is the actual trapping and baiting. Again, experience tells us that using lots of traps and bait is the best approach because what we don’t know is how many mice we are dealing with. Just because you saw one mouse or two doesn’t mean there are not many more hiding and waiting. So more is better. We go for body counts.

Speaking of body counts, that’s where the follow up comes into play and it is also part of the reason why folks hire us. The customer just doesn’t want to deal with the dead mice. This is what we do all day. We will use this body count as an indication of where to place more traps or bait and also it will give us insight into the need to additional work. It’s not always set a few traps and forget it. Mouse control is hard work that takes time and money. So if you are more inclined to hire a professional, be sure to do your homework and hire a technician who you are comfortable with and who you can partner with to rid your home of these unwanted guests.

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