The evolution of a bedbug infestation usually starts with bite marks on the body and other signs like blood marks or stains on your bedding. Actual live sightings of bedbugs usually are the last thing that appears and seals the deal. It’s time to search for a pest control company who can help eliminate this bedfellow!

Bedbug droppings, eggs and live bugs clustered!

When it comes to bedbug control there are many options to chose from. When you call your local pest control company they will most likely want to visit your home to do an initial inspection to get a feel for how bad the infestation is, the size of your home and the amount of clutter that might be present. From this inspection it will be determined the best approach to eliminate the bedbugs.

If the bedbug infestation is heavy, then the exterminator may use a vacuum to remove as many live bugs as possible, from there he or she may use a chemical approach or the use of a biological product or fungus called Aprehend. Sometimes it will be determined that heat it the best approach.

Sometimes the technician will recommend the customer do some prep work before the job, other times it may not be necessary. This would be decided on by the inspection.

While bedbugs are an incredibly stressful bug to deal with, it is not impossible to remove them from your life. One important factor to sort out is how the bedbugs were brought into your home in the first place. Did your child bring them home from a friends home who may be dealing with the problem? Do you work somewhere that may have them? Do you take public transportation, or did you recently go on a vacation or have you been in the hospital lately? There are so many ways they can sneak into your home due to the fact that bedbugs are notorious hitchhikers. So trying to figure out the source and coming up with a method to keep them out is also important. Your pest control company will help you with this.

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