Montgomery County, Bucks County, and Philadelphia County are all going wild about those hopping high steppers, the camel cricket! These buggers go by the name camel cricket, cave cricket, and spider cricket, but their official name is Rhaphidophoridae. Let’s just call them camel crickets for short.

Grove Pest Control get’s calls of panic from homeowners who finds these crickets hopping at them in their basements and garages and they want them gone yesterday! Often times they arrive in great numbers, creeping in through cracks and crevices, into people’s basements and crawl spaces.

While the camel cricket is not harmful to people, they are still creepy looking and because of the fact that they invade your living space they are a common pest during this time of year.

There are effective treatments for these pests which includes utilizing a granule bait that is specific to crickets and exterior and interior sprays. Traps and glue boards are also effective in crashing the population.

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