It’s the middle of October and the mornings are frosty and this brings in pests of all kinds looking for warmth and among those pests are mice! I was at a customer’s house in Rydal, PA yesterday and her comment was, I don’t know how I got mice because I’m so clean. Clean is great, but mice can get into any nook or cranny. It doesn’t matter how clean you are, they still enter a structures because they are seeking warmth and yes, food.

Sometimes it is an easy job to find entry points, and these should be sealed with steel wool and cement to prevent the mice from coming in. Areas like under garage doors, where pipes and cables come into the home, and holes in general are all potential spots. Then there are times when the entry points can not be found, and all you can do is bait and trap to crash the population and at best eliminate the population and at worse control it.

The approach Grove Pest Control takes is inspecting areas that mice like to frequent like under sinks, stoves, basement ledges, etc. Groups of dropping indicate a hot spot, we then use a combination of baits and traps in these areas to crash the population.

Some customers ask, what do you do different from what I could do? Well not much. There is no magic bullet. It’s persistence and using lots of product. I feel the perfect customer for us is one that just doesn’t want to deal with the problem and want to pass it off to a professional. Of course anyone can place traps and buy bait, even though the bait we have access to is more potent, a customer can still buy something from your local hardware store, but a professional is key.

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