Today I spent the bulk of my day in the Willow Grove area treating customers homes for spiders. This time of year, late summer into fall is mating season for spiders such as the wolf spider in Pennsylvania. People will find them inside their homes as they search for locations to overwinter.

Wolf spiders are hunters, which is why products like glue traps are often times found with a bunch of these spiders on them.

Some techniques that work for spider control would include knocking down webs high, low and behind items and equipment. Grove Pest Control uses a Webster to accomplish this, basically a durable dust tool on a telescoping pole. Other things we do is provide a thorough inside and outside treatment of the perimeter and areas that spiders would hide or hunt. We also place glue traps to catch spiders that wander and hunt.

The big question customers ask is do spiders bite and are they poisonous? There are spiders that bite and are poisonous in Pennsylvania, so it’s also a good idea to be careful. It’s not unusual to see spiders from time to time, but if it appears there is an infestation or you are seeing more than you are comfortable seeing then call a professional to exterminate.

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