Bed bugs are not selective as to where they rear their ugly heads, whether it be a 4 bedroom house in Willow Grove or a small one bedroom apartment in Warrington, bedbugs can attack! So why is the process to eliminate them so expensive?

Some things a pest control company needs to consider when pricing out a bedbug treatment is of course the size of the home, how many beds there are in the home, do they have a living room and a family room, and how cluttered the home is. The next thing is to determine how bad the infestation is. Just because a customer saw a few bugs in one bedroom doesn’t mean that there are not bedbugs in other bedrooms or other pieces of furniture in the home. So a pest control company needs to treat the whole house as if there are bedbugs in all areas.

Let’s say the infestation is bad, bedbugs in every nook and cranny, this is going to be extra time. Every piece of bedding needs to be taken apart anyway so we can get product where it needs to go, so mattresses need to be stood up and the box spring needs to be stood up, the dust cover needs to be removed from the box spring, and with a heavy infestation the extra step of physically vacuuming the live bugs with an IPM vacuum needs to occur. This step helps to immediately remove bugs from the property. Then the process of treating every nook and cranny begins.

So we start with the methodical process of placing product into every nook and cranny, the bed frame needs treating, often times the switch plates and outlet covers need to be removed and the insides dusted, along baseboards need treatment. This occurs in every bedroom and then the same methodical process starts in the living room areas. Bedbugs will hitchhike to sofas and chairs. Many times people retreat to family rooms or their finished basement to sleep thinking they won’t be bitten, but what they often do unknowingly is bring the bugs with them to another room.

Now with all that said, imagine all this being done in a very cluttered home. There is now the extra steps of needing to move things, boxes, and other stuff to get to the areas we need to. As much as we try to get a customer to buy into preparing the area for treatment, it is not always done.

The next phase that is factored into a bedbug price quote is the follow up treatments. Bedbug treatments require a follow up at the very least, and sometimes several follow ups are needed. This is all extra time a technician will need to spend at the home, and as the old saying goes, “Time is money”.

So it is an unfortunate reality that if you are dealing with a bedbugs the cost is going to be much higher than you regular ant or roach service. It’s a labor intensive job that takes hours to do with expensive products.

If you are experiencing a bedbug issue in the Montgomery or Bucks County Pennsylvania area, please consider giving Grove Pest Control a call at the following number, 215-237-6831.

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