I read an interesting article today about the fungus associated with the popular bedbug killing product Aprehend. It’s being used to control the spotted lanternfly. If you live anywhere in the Bucks and Montgomery counties area you are likely to have encountered or heard of the invasive species that has caused a bunch of commotion throughout Pennsylvania. The spotted lanternfly is a destructive bug and is public enemy number one, and one product that is being looked at very closely is the fungus called Beauveria bassiana.

Currently, Beauveria bassiana has made the news as an amazing product to control and eliminate bedbugs, which is interesting to me to see if this product is looked at for the control of other insects within the structural pest control market.

It makes sense to look at it for the lanternfly, as originally it was used in the control of insects in the crop and farming market.

The study I’m referring to was conducted in Norristown and the success of the program is promising. It sounds like there will be more to come on the battlefront against the spotted lanternfly, hopefully, the success achieved against bedbugs will also work against the lanternfly.

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