As a someone who has been a licensed pest control professional for nearly 25 years, my eyes gravitate towards bait stations on the exterior of buildings when I’m going into a restaurant or any kind of office type of building. Most every commercial business has them outside to help control rodents, but what strikes me is that some of these bait stations have the name of the company posted on the outside of them. Most of the time they represent large national or international pest control companies, the multi-billion dollar guys, who oftentimes service places like restaurants, office buildings, apartment complexes, non-profit organizations, etc.

It makes me wonder why. Why don’t these businesses call in smaller, local pest control companies? The only thing that the larger nationwide companies have that the smaller companies don’t is a massive advertising budget and a dedicated sales team, ok, that’s two things.

As I mentioned above in my first paragraph. I have nearly 25 years of experience in the pest control industry. The level of customer service that a facilities director would get from me would be second to none. Having a small company on your vendor list will bring you a boutique style of service that the big companies can’t provide.

Facilities like colleges, hospitals, nursing homes, country clubs, offices all need superior service, and that is what a small company can provide. Try getting a large nationwide company to respond to an issue late on Friday afternoon. Now give the smaller a company a call, a call that most times goes directly to the owner’s cell phone, and you will get that visit with no doubts.

It’s something to think about the next time you are in the market for a new vendor. Put a smaller company on the RFP list, or invite one in to provide a price. It will make their day and it will elevate the level of service you will get in the future.

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