Being a local pest control company I survey the news sites for information regarding pest-related viruses. One of the most reported on viruses is West Nile which is found in mosquitoes. Recently it was reported that mosquitoes in Warrington, Pennsylvania and Warminster Pennsylvania tested positive for West Nile, which raises concerns.

It reminds us that we should be vigilant with applying mosquito repellants when spending time outside and emptying things that collect water that would become stagnant. Things like tires, toys, bird feeders, flower pots, even your gutters can all collect water and become breeding sites for mosquitoes.

Other things you can do is treat areas outside that act as resting areas for adult mosquitoes. Mosquitoes rest under the leaves of trees, under bushes, under decks, anywhere they can get some shade. Fogging these areas is the best method for crashing that population and provide some relief for homeowners who like to spend a lot of time outside.

Grove Pest control provides this service as well as using a product called an IGR or Insect Growth Regulator which can help prevent the breeding of mosquitoes. If you are interested in hearing more about this service please give us a call at 215-237-6831

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