It wasn’t too long ago that there was very little available to pest control companies to gain control of and rid people’s homes of bedbugs. One option was heat, and that is still a very successful and potent killer of all stages of bedbugs, but about a two years ago a new kid on the block started to get some notoriety, a product called Aprehend.

This product is a biopesticide, it has a fungus that attacks the bedbugs and spreads like a virus. It’s not the quickest acting treatment, but so far it has been extremely effective in eliminating bedbugs from people’s environments. Bedbugs hate Aprehend, it’s that simple. If you are looking for a new pesticide to kill bedbugs or a more effective one, then call a professional and ask for Aprehend.

The residual action of this product lasts up to 3 months, so if reintroduction occurs, there is still product working to kill the hitchhiking bedbug before it reinfests your home. People are loving this product and Grove Pest Control has added it to its arsenal of treatments.

With students returning to their college dorms in a few weeks, it is only a matter of time before someone brings home some unwanted guests over the Christmas break.

If you suspect bedbugs or know you have an issue the call is simple. Grove Pest Control. We’re ready to help.

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