I had a customer from Warrington, Pa share a story with me about a time he was mowing his lawn and came upon ground-nesting yellow jackets. He was stung 60 times when all was said and done, and thankfully he was ok. They attacked, and he ran as they followed him into his house and ultimately into his shower where they continued to sting him! Moral of the story? This time of year scan your yard before you start any kind of yard work, including mowing the grass. Look for a “flight pattern” going in and out. If you see this then you most likely have a nest in the ground. Also, be careful of Bald-faced hornet nests built on branches of trees or in bushes. They will also attack when the vibration of the mower comes too close.

Lastly, be very cautious when trying to handle these stinging insects yourself, they can be incredibly aggressive and angry, so leave these jobs to the pros. We are equipped with bee suits if needed and we know how to approach and treat these nests in a safe manner.

Grove pest control would be happy to handle any wasp, hornet, or yellow jacket concern. We are based in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, and we service all the surrounding areas. We are family-owned, reasonable, honest, and courteous and we are looking forward to helping you. Give us a call today at 215-237-6831.

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