The seasons are changing here in Pennsylvania and the leaves are actually starting to brown and fall here in Willow Grove! Before you know it the weather will be turning colder and with the cold weather brings the mice looking for shelter.

Mice only need a hole about the size of a dime to nudge their little body through and a small gap under a door is a welcome mat for these rodents. So what’s a homeowner to do? You can start by mouse proofing your house.

Just what does mouse proofing your house mean? You can start by going around the  Mouse Hole

outside of the home looking for holes that mice can enter through. Look at the area where your air conditioner cable enters the home. Is it sealed tight or are there holes around the cable? Check where wires enter the home like your cable and internet wires, electric wires, etc. All tightly sealed? How does your dryer vent look? Is the flap clear of lint and closed flush against the wall? Are there any broken areas?

2019-09-01 18.17.46

Repair is the word of the day here. Any holes that can be cemented or repaired then do so. Broken dryer vent? Repair it. Space around pipe or cables entering? Caulk it.  Don’t use spray foam. Mice can chew through that way too easily. Use steel wool and then caulk or cement.

If mice have already gotten into your home you may need to hire a professional to catch what has already gotten in. A professional can provide you with an estimate for sealing out the mice and catching what is inside. In the business, we call the mouse sealing exclusion. We have an eye for these things.

Whichever way you decide to go with this project, whether it be yourself or hire a pro, it’s best to start the process now. You’ll be glad you did.

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