People looking to control mosquitoes in their back yards have some homework of their own to do before hiring a professional pest control company like Grove Pest Control to come out and fog their property. Here is a systematic approach to mosquito control. It doesn’t matter if you live in Willow Grove, PA or Huntingdon Valley, PA, we all have one thing in common. Gutters! If you have even the smallest of a puddle of water trapped up in the gutters of your home, mosquitoes can use that stagnant water to breed in. Some other areas and items to pay attention to are kiddie pools, flower pots, buckets, children’s toys, fire pits, anything that can collect water in your back yard and become stagnant it enough to breed hundreds of thousands of mosquitoes.

mosquito breeding site montgomery county

Now that we have a breeding source, all these newly born mosquitoes need shelter, and the places mosquitoes rest during the day are under the leaves of your trees, bushes, and other plants and foliage in your yard. They also love the underneath of your decks and sometimes the underside of your eaves. So what’s a person to do with all these extra unwanted guests hanging out waiting to come out and feed on the blood of you and your guests? Well, you can try to buy one of those DIY mosquito products you attached to the end of your hose, but that won’t reach the places these mosquitoes are resting effectively, your best bet is hiring a professional pest control company like Grove Pest Control who can come out and begin the process of control those pests!

We begin by doing a survey of your outdoor space. If there are areas that could be breeding mosquitoes we will bring them to your attention, we can help in these areas by applying an insect growth regulator to help keep the breeding down, but correcting the issue is your best bet. Then we will make sure there are no pets toys, feeding bowls, fish ponds, children’s toys, etc and remove or take care of these areas to protect them. Then we will use a machine, a backpack fogger, that will blow a fine mist into the underside of the dense foliage, trees, and bushes where these mosquitoes hide, killing the adults and leaving behind a product to either kill or repel.

An effective mosquito control program should be provided every 23 days, that is if you want a season-long control. Other people choose to hire us before weddings, graduation parties, or big barbeques that are being held outside and they want to keep the gnats and mosquitoes down.


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