Let’s face it, ticks are a problem, and as always there is a bunch of information out on the internet that gives friendly advice. Just look at any community thread on Facebook and you have people stating that they had a tick on them and then the thread that follows is full of helpful advice. Here is some advice that just isn’t true.

  1. Ticks fall from trees as you walk along a path or trail.
    • Ticks only climb to the level of their host, which is why they are often found on high grass and weeds. They want to latch onto deer, raccoon, any animal that may brush by that grass.
  2. Ticks Jump
    •   Uh…no! Ticks only attach themselves by way of questing or waving their arms until an animal comes by that they can clasp onto to.
  3. Natural repellants work better than commercial consumer products.
    • I would not chance it when dealing with ticks. If you are hiking, doing yard work in high weeds, camping, etc; you are going to want to use something with DEET and check yourself often.
  4. Ticks go away in the winter.
    • Brrr, but no. Ticks are active all year round. If the ground isn’t frozen or there is no snow on the ground then ticks are up for a game of football. So be careful.
  5. Put a blob of (product of choice) on the tick to get it out.
    • Please no. Take a pair of needle nose tweezers and get as close to the tick where it is attached to you and pull straight out.



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