Montgomery and Bucks County Pennsylvania has been plagued with lots of rain the past few weeks. This rain brings water, still water, stagnant water! With stagnant water comes mosquitoes, and that is no fun.

Grove Pest Control has implemented a natural mosquito control program that consists of a survey of your property to see if there are any conditions conducive to breeding mosquitoes, things like flower pots, buckets, toys, divets in the lawn that hold and collect water which becomes stagnant over time. Our technician will work with you to either recommend remediation measures or if it’s as simple as emptying these items we do that. Areas that are more difficult we have the option to place insect growth regulators to prevent the mosquitoes from becoming biting adults.

After that, we begin to fog using a backpack mister. We use an all natural product, a botanical-based product, that is FIFRA 25(b) exempt. We use this product because it is easy on the environment, doesn’t leave behind any harsh chemicals, and find that it is the friendliest product for the outside we could find.

If you are interested in a mosquito control program for your home, please give us a call at 215-237-6831.

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