shutterstock_732960742Whether you live in Willow Grove, Huntingdon Valley, or Gladwyne, bedbugs can find you and invade your humble abode, but fear not, Grove Pest Control is prepared to solve your bedbug problem.

If you travel for work, vacation often, have children living away at college, or work in a workplace that is prone to bedbug infestations, you are at risk. You can be the cleanest person, living in the cleanest house on the block, it matters not to these little bloodsuckers. They are everywhere!

So what is one to do if bedbugs move in and bully their way into your bedroom?

Grove Pest Control, located in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania has many options for the homeowner or business.

If you are not positive that you have bedbugs and only have a suspicion, or if you want to either verify bedbugs are present or not, we can bring a NESDCA certified K9 sniffing dog to your home. They will inspect your home and either put your mind at ease or verify that you need to bring out the big guns.

Once verified that bedbugs are present in you home Grove Pest Control can provide the following service.

Aprehend Treatment- This is the latest and greatest when it comes to bedbug treatments. Aprehend is a Microbial Biopesticide. It consists of a fungus called Beauveria Bassiana that is highly effective against bedbugs. This method, while highly effective, can take some time to work, but it’s worth your patience. Here is an excerpt from the Aprehend Website describing the product:


“Beauveria is a natural disease of insects, it infects an insect by direct contact, and does not need to be eaten to initiate an infection.  Aprehend® contains the conidia of Beauveria, these microscopic ‘seeds’ readily attach to insect cuticle (insect skin).  Once attached, the conidia germinate and penetrate directly through the cuticle and gain access to the insect’s blood system.  Once there the fungus grows inside the insect, using the blood as a food source.  Very soon the insect becomes sick and dies from the fungal infection.  In bed bugs this takes between 3 and 7 days.”

The other method Grove Pest Control can provide is a heat treatment. This is a service where industrial-sized heaters are brought into the home and the temperature is raised to roughly 130 degrees and held there for several hours, allowing the heat to penetrate areas where bedbugs hide in furniture, beds, clothing, etc. It’s the fasted way to get rid of bedbugs.

Grove Pest Control’s last method we offer is what we call a conventional treatment. This is where we utilize a variety of methods, including chemical to control the bedbug population.

Bedbugs can be a tough problem to deal with. It is stressful, it sparks anxiety, and people can feel embarrassed that they have them. All of the techniques above can certainly help to solve your bedbug issues and we can even come up with methods to help limit the possibility of an infestation through quarterly programs.

Grove Pest Control would love to discuss further the options above with you if you are in need of bedbug remediation services. Please call us at 215-237-6831

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