Springtime is coming and in the bug business, that means ants. People will be calling with ant sightings in their kitchen and living room and sometimes the whole house! Grove Pest Control, located in the Montgomery County section of Pennsylvania is ready to provide ant elimination service with a smile.

If ants have already invaded your home, then our service consists of an interior and exterior service. On the inside we will utilize a combination of ant baits and spray in selected areas, we then focus our attention to the outside perimeter of your home. Ants are often times found outside trailing and “marching” into small cracks and crevices on the outside of your home. Dave Matthews said it best when he sang about all the little ants marching. It’s what they do. Ants put down a pheromone trail and the other ants follow and before you know it they are eating breakfast in your kitchen, using your bathroom and watching your television uninvited and not paying rent! Don’t let that happen.

Grove Pest Control is prepared and equipped to handle all your pest control needs including the elimination and eviction of these ants from your home. Contact us today!

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