Why should I pay a pest control company to control my mice when I can just do it myself? This is a question I get a lot here at Grove Pest Control, and it is a good question. After all, there are rodent control supplies at the home depot in Willow Grove, or you can order the product right online if you wanted to. I gave this question some thought and came up with this philosophy on mouse control.

If you are a homeowner who is going to be realistic and diligent in your approach to mouse control then I say have at it. When I say realistic I mean that if you see just one mouse, even if you believe with all your heart that there is only one mouse in the house, just pretend that there is at least a small family living with you. Don’t be the homeowner who buys a few snap traps, clumps a big blob of peanut butter on the trigger and waits for the mouse to get caught. If you are going to do it yourself you have to go all in. Buy a bunch of snap traps, glue traps and if you are so inclined and are willing to do it properly and safely, then get some bait as well. Research the proper way to bait the trigger as well as the variety of baits you can use for the snaps, some of them being bacon grease, peanut butter, slim jims, chocolate bars, Hershey syrup, and cotton balls to name a few. Now put out a ton of traps in all areas you are seeing the mice. After that, you need to look for other signs like droppings. Check behind the stove, behind the fridge, crawl spaces, closets, etc. Think like the mouse, and then put plenty of traps in these areas. Use glue traps to try to catch the mice along runways, if you see them running across one wall, place the traps there. Stagger the traps in case they try to run around one, as they will. In fact, they will also eat bait off of the triggers, hop over your glue traps, not eat your bait. Mouse work can be very tricky, very time consuming, and very long. It’s not as easy as putting out a few traps, catching the mouse overnight, and calling it a day.

That’s where Grove Pest Control comes into the picture. Customers call because they feel defeated by the mice, or they have caught a few and it is months later and are still hearing them, or seeing them. They have put up the white flag.

It is at this point we explain to the customer that mouse work is most likely going to require several visits, the initial visit is an investment in time as it is during this period when we inspect and determine the best areas and approaches to attack the mice. It is during the initial service when the most traps are set and bait stations are placed out. Then we continue with subsequent services usually in 7 to 10-day intervals to check the progress, to reset or reposition traps, and refill baits. Sometimes there are numerous follow-up treatments needed. The tricky part about mouse control is that you don’t know how many mice you are dealing with. There is no family tree to follow. Our best gauge for success is when the droppings and sightings subside, and even then there may be another straggler.

During our service, we identify areas that mice may be entering. We also recommend continuing with regular service, be it monthly or quarterly, just to be sure there are no additional concerns. Sometimes it is impossible to identify entry points, sometimes in a row home or townhome environments they could be coming from neighbors between walls. What customers sometimes fail to realize is that you are dealing with mammals with instinct and a brain. They can be difficult to control and sometimes they outsmart you.

Grove Pest Control services Willow Grove, Hatboro, Horsham, Warrington, Huntingdon Valley, Holland and Southampton to name a few of the areas we cover. If you gave it a shot yourself and tried to do it yourself and find that these mice are just too tricky then give Grove Pest Control a call at 215-237-6731. We’d love to help.

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