If you would have asked me about bedbug control back when I started in the pest control industry, which was around the year 1992, I would have looked at you like you had 2 heads. Why? Because for the longest time the bedbug was virtually eliminated from this great land of ours. Chemicals like DDT packed such a punch and there was such a determination to get rid of them the people of the USA did just that, they got rid of them, and for what they thought was for good, but not so fast!

Circa 2000 there were whispers of bugs that resembled bedbugs popping up in hotel rooms and apartment buildings in areas around the airports and then there were hot spots that would pop up, entire states like Ohio, New York, and Philadelphia all became hotbeds until now, 18 years later, you can pick up a bedbug just about anywhere in the USA. You can catch a movie, catch public transportation and you’d be catching a lot more than that. These buggers are everywhere. So what options are out there for bed bug control?

Well, let’s explore our options. The first thing you don’t want to do is panic. Calm down and try to determine where or how you may have gotten the bedbug in the first place. Has your child just returned from college after spending a semester living in a dorm room? Did you go on vacation lately? Is your work experiencing a bedbug issue? Have you stayed in the hospital lately? Do you take public transportation? These are important questions to answer because the treatment options for bedbug control are expensive and you don’t want to bring the bedbugs back into your home after you treat. Now take a breath and call your local pest control company.

The options they will most likely present to you are the following:

  • Heat Treatment- This involves setting up industrial-sized heaters along with large fans to circulate heat throughout the home. During this process, the technicians will take your beds apart, turn over sofas and other furniture to allow for the hot air to flow to where it has to go as they bring the ambient temperature in your home up to about 130 degrees. They will hold the temperature here for roughly 4 or more hours. This is a very effective treatment and if done properly can almost guarantee full success in the demise of the bedbug.
  • Chemical Treatment- There are a variety of products in the professional pest control technician’s arsenal to control bedbugs. This process usually will consist of a very thorough and involved initial treatment followed by 2 or 3 more follow up visits. The pest control company will ask you to complete a checklist of items to do before the treatment can begin, and this partnership is imperative for the success of the bed bug treatment program. The treatment itself may consist of the use of the pest control vacuum to vacuum up live bugs, this process will also consist of taking the bed apart and treating cracks and crevices with a variety of sprays and dust. It is an involved and labor intensive job.
  • Aprehend Bedbug Spray- This is the latest method of bedbug control utilizing a fungus to attack the bedbug called Beauveria Bassiana. There has been a lot of positive feedback on this product.

As I mentioned earlier all these treatments are very pricey. This is why it is so important to partner with your pest control company to obtain the positive outcome you both are looking for.

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