Integrated Pest Managment is a concept in exterminating where many tools are integrated into controlling a particular pest situation. For instance, in a roach infestation, an IPM vacuum could be used to eliminate the visible population of roaches quickly, and then once this is completed the technician could bait or use whatever other appropriate treatment method is called for in that situation.

An IPM mentality has the technician think about the whole situation, do a thorough inspection, decide what products or methods will be used, and implement that plan. Things like monitors, dust, vacuums, caulk, baits, glue traps, and sprays are all part of the technician’s “toolbox”. Pest control should be more than just random spraying, although these days the formulations of the chemicals available to technicians are very advanced. For instance, while at an ant job in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, I baited the inside because there were pets present, but outside I used a non- repellent spray called Termidor. This is a product that once placed on the surface, ants cannot detect it’s presence. So they walk through it and bring it back to their nest which eliminates more ants where they live. So we can’t discount the chemicals, but with IPM we use them as a tool, thinking of a plan, using a variety of product, and execute that plan.

2017-06-08 16.10.56
IPM in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania

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