There are hundreds of restaurants in the Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, area and thousands of restaurants in the Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs. One thing they all have in common is that they need pest control. The sheer influx of product and people that go in and out of a restaurant in a given week opens that establishment up for all kinds of risk of having an insect introduced into that environment. So it’s important to have a pest control company that knows the industry and focuses on the needs of a food handling establishment.

One thing we all know is that customers do not want to see the big three! Mice, roaches or flies while they are eating. Maintaining an aggressive pest control strategy is of the utmost importance. Having the proper equipment in place, service to that equipment and keeping it clean is very important. Areas like floor drains where flies breed need to be addressed in a restaurant service. Having a good plan and working that plan is your best policy.

It is important to have a pest control company like Grove Pest Control who will work with you and treat you like a customer and partner, not just as an account. We truly care and have a vested interest in each of our customer’s establishments and we feel a great sense of pride to be able to say that the restaurant is pest free as it should be.

So whether you are in Willow Grove, Philadelphia, or anywhere in between, remember one name when you think of pest control, and that name is Grove Pest Control.

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