We go through our days with heavy titles like “Senior Director of Facilities” or “Vice President of Consumer Affairs”, and we coast through that day with even heavier thoughts of various responsibilities weighing on our minds. We worry about this and that as we buy, sell, meet, present and engage on various levels to a whole slew of individuals.

In my past, before I began my own entrepreneurial journey, I worked for various companies and reached a director level position myself,  living in the world described in the paragraph above. One thing I noticed as I made my way through my day was the level of grumpiness on display. Could these people really be that upset about something? Was it really that bad?

I started to try and smile in passing and saying good morning in the hallways, or as I arrived at locations and the door was being answered I’d give a smile and a happy hello. My experiment yielded a hearty return of smiles, which made me think of one thing. Maybe I was the grumpy one. It took a simple thought on the topic of a smile to initiate this experiment and it has paid off enormously. I found that people actually like to smile!

It’s something we can all learn a lesson from. No matter how high-powered you are, no matter how much responsibility you have or how many deadlines you are up against, one thing that you can do to brighten both your day and the person you are engaging is to smile! It costs nothing and it pays off in dividends!

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