When it comes to providing pest control for non-profit organizations it is important to understand that the environments you might find yourself in is already a sensitive one with the added issue of a pest that has invaded that environment.

There are many kinds of non-profit organizations, but the type of organization that Grove Pest Control is most familiar with are those organizations that provide support and services in the developmental and behavioral health realm. These organizations have a variety of facilities associated with them, sometimes under one umbrella, and those facilities may include residential settings to provide independence or support for behavior health or folks with intellectual or physical disabilities, drug and alcohol clinics, autism school, or outpatient clinics. These nonprofit organizations also have a variety of administrative buildings and support buildings, all of which may experience an issue with pests.

These organizations are incredible places that want to help folks who are struggling. They focus on the incredible abilities of an individual which overshadows their disability. As mentioned above there are many kinds of facilities supporting these individuals and they are staffed with heroes who work in the home where these individuals live, or work in the clinics that are supporting those struggling with addiction or they work as teachers enriching children with autism. The last thing they need to deal with is a mouse issue or an outbreak of bedbugs.

So why is Grove Pest Control an expert in servicing these facilities and organizations? Well to start with, the owner of Grove Pest, the writer of this article, worked for one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the area. An organization of 10,000 plus employees, over 700 locations providing service for over 50000 individuals. My job was to create an in-house pest control program and provide exterminating services as an employee or that organization. Later I went on to manage this department that grew into 3 full time pest control technicians. I lead the development of a robust bedbug control program and also helped develop a corporate bedbug policy.

During my time here I grew to love the individuals who were being helped each day and developed an incredible admiration for the staff who supported and cared for each individual. I got to know how these organizations were put together, how the fiscal system worked, how the corporate culture worked, and everything in-between.

So if your organization is looking for a pest control company who you can trust to service your facilities, one who will respect your staff and the individuals they service, then please consider Grove Pest Control. 215-237-6831

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