When you search for a mouse exterminator you are likely to find hundreds of pages of information to choose from. Every pest control company has their own way of doing things and it often times boils down to the technician who actually shows up to your home to do the service. The pest control business, like any other business, is made of the people who are part of it. You may get an exterminator who has limited experience, you may get a technician who is having a bad day or who is not strong with their attention to detail. You may also get the best exterminator out there who cares and has many years of experience to handle your mouse infestation.

Grove Pest Control is situated in the latter. We have technicians with 30 plus years’ experience, we care about solving your problem, and we know what we are doing. We recognize that we are coming into your home, and you should feel comfortable with the person coming into your home to do the service. We are polite, we listen, and we want to solve your mouse problem. We also realize that you will be paying good money to resolve this problem, so you don’t want someone who is going to rush through the service to get to the next job. We take our time and do what needs to be done.

So, what does a typical mouse control job look like? Well it depends on the type of house you have. Here in Willow Grove and the surrounding communities there are 3 kinds of houses. Ones that have a basement, ones that have a crawl space, and ones that are on a slab. Some have all 3!

In homes that have basements we can narrow down to finished and unfinished and in cases of a finished basement we narrow it down even further to having a fixed drywall ceiling or a drop ceiling.

We start our service with a conversation to get a feel for where the customer is seeing the mice or the mouse evidence like droppings or food chewed. We will then come up with a plan that will begin with inspecting the areas further to find more evidence or areas we feel it best to begin placing products to control the mice.

Usually if mice are making themselves known in a kitchen, we like to investigate the underside of the kitchen where the pipes and wires enter up through the floor. We will work in the basement with a ladder to inspect the ledges of the walls up high where the joists sit, and this is often times where we place our traps and baits. We will line the perimeter of the basement wall ledges with the necessary products which gives us great results. If there is a drop ceiling, then we will do work up in the drop ceilings of the basement and if there is a crawlspace, we will go into the crawl space to place the products needed for control. We follow along wires and pipes and use these areas mice will travel to give us clues and to place mouse control products.

We will also work in the living spaces themselves if need to get the best coverage. Kitchens, living rooms, and garages are always hot spots. Behind appliances are important areas to check. We will also check and treat attics if necessary.

We also like to check around the exterior of the house to see if there are any areas that look like entry points. We will seal up small areas that are possibilities.

Grove Pest Control’s program comes with a follow up to check all the traps, refill what is needed, and readjust what needs to be. If activity returns within 60 days of work, we will return to re-evaluate and place out some additional material if needed. We stand behind our work and we will return as many times as needed if we come across a particularly difficult situation without additional cost. Our goal is for you to feel confident the mice are gone and for you to be happy and satisfied.

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