It’s that time of year and the stinging insects are in full swing. So what are the most common ones to be concerned about in the Bucks and Montgomery County area?

Cicada Killers– Cicada Killers are solitary wasps that burrow into the ground leaving what looks like a dirt hill on a lawn. These wasps are particularly large and although they are solitary, oftentimes there are many of them. I’ve seen swarms up to 50 or more waps hovering around the lawn, usually in the earlier part of the morning, doing their thing. They are not very aggressive and basically harmless, their biggest asset is their intimidation factor. People don’t like the sight of them. People’s fear of bees is enhanced when a large wasp comes flying at them. If they are in an out-of-the-way area, it’s usually recommended to leave them be, but they can be treated if needed.

YellowJackets– Yellowjackets are aggressive and their nests can become very large and dangerous, so it’s important to be careful this time of year while being outside. They can nest in the ground or in a structure, behind siding or under a rock, almost anywhere. It is not recommended that you try to control yellowjackets on your own. Due to their aggressive nature, I would recommend calling a professional pest control company.

Bald-Faced Hornets– These are the hornets that make the basketball-sized nest in a tree or a bush. They also attach nests to your home, usually under an overhang. Bald-faced hornets look more white and black as opposed to yellow and black. These hornets can be aggressive as well and should be taken seriously. Before cutting your bushes or hopping on your ride-on mower, survey the area and see if anything looks like a nest. We get plenty of panic calls from folks who took a pair of cutters to their bushes outside and disturbed a nest and out they came, ready for war.

European Hornets– European hornets are large hornets that can make their home in any structure or hole. These buggers fly during the day, but also at night. People sometimes mistake them for beetles crashing into your siding near exterior lights, but find them to be these hornets ready for a fight.

Honey Bees– Last but not least, the honey bee. We don’t recommend killing these because they are tremendously beneficial to our survival. Grove pest control has a network of bee keepers we can recommend for the removal of honey bees.

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