Here in the Willow Grove area of Pennsylvania, the cicada killer wasps have begun to take flight. They peak in the latter part of summer when cicadas begin to chirp. This is the cicada killer’s food of choice. They grab these unsuspecting cicadas and drag them into the hole they dug in the ground. These holes usually appear with a mound of what looks like sand kicked out of it. Sometimes there are a few holes and a few wasps and other times there are upwards of 50 holes or more and tons of wasps flying all over the place.

Cicada killers are not overly aggressive, in fact, I have an account in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania where the infestation was upwards of 50 holes and I walked through the cloud of cicada killers and treated what needed treating! If the wasps are far enough away from the home and they are not bothering anything, then it’s best to leave them alone. They are very seasonal and as quickly as they appear they are gone. Usually a month or two of activity. The problem is these wasps are very large and scary looking and kids hate them and dogs like to jump and bite them out of the air, which can have consequences.

There are a ton of home remedies and do-it-yourself type treatments. What I can say is that keeping a lush lawn is helpful. Keeping a wet lawn helps. Using a sprinkler during the times they will become a nuisance is a good tool.

Remember if you ever need help, Grove Pest Control is here to offer our services. 215-237-6831

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