Are rats invading the suburbs? Usually when I think of rats visions of New York City subway tracks with rats running down the tunnels or the back alleys of Center City Philly come to mind. What would you say if I told you that Grove Pest Control has personally dealt with 3 recent rat issues in only the past few months in Willow Grove and Hatboro residences. It’s alarming. Aside from that activity, I have heard customers speak of friends and family who have battled rats at their homes and have seen them running down streets.

What is causing the explosion of rat sightings? Could it be all the new construction and road work that is being done nearby? Could it be the fact that restaurants have not been as busy or even open due to the current epidemic? The feast they once knew near the dumpster of our favorite eateries has dried up, so off they go in search of food, and us being home and creating more of it is inviting them to move closer to our homes.

So what can we do? How does Upper Moreland fight back? Well for one we have to make things as uncomfortable and unattractive as possible to the rats. Bird feeders, bird baths, water collecting in toys or upside down trash can lids, need to be things of the past. They absolutely need water to survive, removing as much water from the property as possible will help. Cleaning up debris from the yard, keeping things neat will also help. Taking food sources away like bird feeders that drop all kinds of seed to the ground and keeping our trash can lids on tight will help too.

If all else fails, calling a professional pest control company to come in is the next step. We have the tools and know how to help get rid of these unwanted visitors.

Give us call is we can help. 215-237-6831

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