Mosquitos can be annoying, pesky, a bother and let’s face it, dangerous. They carry disease and their bite will leave an itchy bump, which we scratch, which can cause secondary infections that lead to other problems.

SO what can we do? Grove Pest Control offers a program that incorporates inspecting your property and then misting the areas that mosquitoes rest. These areas are the underside of the leaves that cover your trees, bushes and other foliage. The mist is produced by a backpack machine that generates a fine mist that will reach these areas where mosquitoes rest and knock down the population.

The service is offered on a regular basis which, due to the mosquito’s life cycle, is recommended every 3 to 4 weeks for the best control, or you can choose to buy a one time service to knock down the population before a garden party or outdoor event.

Whether you live in Willow Grove, Buck County, or the Main Line, there is no doubt you’ve been bitten by a mosquito. If you want to lessen the risk of this happening then you have to call Grove Pest Control today. 215-237-6831

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