If you combined everyone who lives in Willow Grove, Hatboro, Bucks County, Mongomery County, Philadelphia and all the neighborhoods in between, you still wouldn’t be able to outnumber the amount of ants that live under our feet.

Some ant species that invade our homes in our area are carpenter ants, pavement ants and pharaoh ants amoung others, and believe it or not, it takes a very specialized approach to control each. Sometimes, random spraying may actually make the problem much worse in the case of pharoh ants, so that is why it is so imporatant to consider a professional pest control company like Grove Pest Control to come in and exterminate the problem for you.

These days professionals have access to chemicals that can’t be detected by insects call non-repellants which allow the ant to walk over it and bring a dose back to the colony to infect others. There are also specialized baits, and on top of that, there are different kinds of baits to use at different times of year.

So if you live in Willow Grove or anywhere in the upper or lower morealand township and are battling with an ant problem, give Grove Pest Control a call and we will gladly help you out with our friendly approach.

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