The season has finally changed here in Willow Grove as the cold air moves in and the frost forms on the grass, and while the cold air moves in, so do the mice.

How and why do mice enter your home in the first place? Well think about it, as each home puts the heat on, that hot air escapes under doors where the bottoms are not tightly sealed, or through holes in our exterior walls. Have you ever walked around the outside of your home and really took a hard look? Is the area around air conditioner cables sealed tightly? Does your walls have missing cement, maybe they need to be pointed or repaired? Is there space under the siding where mice can scurry under?

Sealing up the house is key to keeping mice out, but what if they have already gotten in? Are these mice constantly coming in from outside holes or have they gotten in and reproduced and that is why I am seeing so many of them? These are good questions. I think it is impossible to tell. I feel the later might be more of a practical answer due to the fact that mice reproduce so quickly and at such great numbers. If you are putting out a few snap traps a night and catching a few, then the mice might be out pacing your efforts. This is why the protocol at Grove Pest is to use lots of traps and bait to be sure the population crashes. It’s important to do this so that they don’t get a chance to reproduce.

The other important thing to do is to put the product where the mice hangout. Grove Pest makes it a habit to check under and behind stoves, in drop ceilings, basement wall ledges and crawl spaces. It is here we place snaps and bait and it is here we have found the most success. We don’t skimp on product. We throw everything but the kitchen sink at them.

One thing we do here at Grove Pest Control is take our time and use the right amount of product. We are not going to come in a just plop a few glue traps around and slap a bait station or two down and be out in 20 minutes, you can expect us to be there for at least an hour and sometime more than that depending on severity of the situation and the size of the home. If you think you would like us to help with your mouse problem, please consider giving us a call.

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