I get a lot of calls from people who have lost their patience with trying to get rid of their ants themselves. I hear stories of people spraying vinegar water, trying home remedies, spraying over the counter insecticides on them and all to no avail.

So why are people’s efforts failing and why do they end up calling a professional pest control company? Well for one thing people don’t understand the behavior or biology of ants. When they spray ants that they see with whatever product they have picked up from their local hardware store, all they are doing is killing the ants they see, and yes it may leave a slight residual that would kill any ants returning to that area, but that will lessen over time and ants may be repelled from that area anyway.

Ants are social insects, they groom and feed each other and support each other, so spraying ants as you see them won’t work, at least for the long term. You may get some relief over a few days or maybe even a week or so, but then they return. Rinse and repeat.

Professional pest control companies have sprays that use the ants behavior and biology against them. Products and sprays called, “non-repellents” are used. All this is is a spray that ants won’t detect and won’t kill them immediately. They will pick it up on their body and return to where they are coming from a as they groom and feed each other they will spread it among the other ants, crashing the population. In combination with professional baits it is a really effective system. Throw on top of that a treatment to the outside as well and you get a perfect storm of ant control that is effective and long lasting.

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